Maria Wainwright: Speaker of the House

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What is your motto?
Don’t let perfection get in the way of good enough.

Maria Wainwright VP Creative Director The Bancorp

Maria Wainwright
VP Creative Director
The Bancorp

What is your most marked characteristic?
My ability to say what others are thinking in tough situations, in a professional and approachable way. A speaker of the house, if you will.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Always having to find the answer. I keep digging and digging until I find out the truth. It’s horrible, I should have been a detective.

At which store would you like to max out your credit card?
This question is way too good to pick one place: Nordstrom and West Elm.

Which living person do you most admire? 
My husband – his patience is never-ending and his positive outlook on life is completely infectious.

Favorite thing about Philadelphia?
That’s easy, the Philadelphia Flyers!!

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